University of Chicago in Paris: Digital Peripheries

Digital Peripheries

I was invited to speak at a conference on the Mediterannean region and its uses of technology for political mobilization, surveillance, and repression.  The event was held in Aman and was by far one of the most interesting and vibrant events organised on blogging and activism. We had the opportunity to meet with somewhat 400 blogers!.  The event set out to nvestigate how contemporary information and media technologies might encourage decentralized collaboration and/or invite novel occasions for social control, the conference interrogates the extent to which new forms of web 2.0-oriented participation have actually enabled critical publics. To what extent has the Internet helped to create conditions conducive to a world-affirming politics and to what extent is it like any other technological advance—also or even primarily dependent on the content? K. Patelis presented and also was part of a training and consulting service offered to bloogers

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