20 Years After Its Rise, the Internet is Still Changing Business

As simple as that. This unique perspective fuels our consulting service. Going social, mobile, and beyond, requires re-engineering and manoeuvres hard to visualise, introduce and implement. It can require doing very little, or getting rid of loads. Whether small, medium or global, for profit or non-profit companies are faced with these issues daily. Whether you are faced with or are at the forefront of change our consulting service is set up to provide boutique solutions that will work for your company, your employees, your business objectives. All this applies in multiple if you are a nonprofit, or a grassroots organization where resources are scarce.

20 Years of Internet Consulting Experience

We have been around since the early nineties. This means we really don’t believe in or produce hype. We just consult, honestly and effectively. You can think of us as users gone businessmen, web-lovers gone pro, or even hacks that become suits now and then. We know the web can make or break your project, brand, or campaign. And we are here to make sure it doesn’t.


Introducing Social Strategy for Small-to-Medium Sized Companies

Social strategy for small-to-medium sized companies is like visiting a general health physician for treating a simple condition. The remedy for most such companies is not usually complex, involved and expensive, but straight and simple, bringing results instantly. We offer such a simple and straightforward service to companies that don’t need a large management consultancy to address their daily social operations. Quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

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