We Listen

We listen to your fans. Seriously. Our Big Data Service is designed to give you intuitive insight on what your people want, feel and think.

We Engage

Our content is designed to fuel your brand with engagement. As simple as that. We don’t do boring, we don’t do cheap.

We Target

The Web cant be done without audience segmentation and targeting. It just can’t. Forget about demographics and start thinking 30 different target groups

We Love

We love fans, users, bloggers, brand hacks and techie afficionados. At the heart of what we do lies a geniune smile for the people that will consume it

Your fans are waiting

cheer them with some luscious content

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the new above the line. It is the way companies are investing in content that is meaningful to their brand and clients.

Social Data Monitoring

Once we have put a message through the social for you, we see how it goes. We carefully look at whether it engages your fans, is being talked about and shared.

New Media Spending

Once we have created lucious content we spend some money sending it around the social web. We mix traditional spending techniques with new media ones to do this.

Crisis Management

The web is like constant crisis management. Literally. You have to deal 24/7 with people interacting with your brand. We offer 20 years of experience in handling such interaction.

Content Production

On the social web everyone is a producer. That’s a new way of living with your fans. We make sure the story we produce for you involves your fans.


The social web can mean you have to re-organise part of your business – or maybe not. It means you need a fan page – or maybe not. You can trust us to formulate a strategy using cost-benefit analysis techniques.

Are you ready to get down to some serious engagement?

We blend science with creativity, numbers with love, metrics with emotions. This is why we can produce amazing customer experiences across platfroms.

Content Marketing is Our Thing.

We introduced it to the Greek market, we love it, we serve it.

"We prefer curated content ... we hate it when they just sell to us."

− 87% of fans

"They didn't even reply to my message."

− a fan

"I love videos, short videos!"

− a fan