Strategy, Strategy Strategy

Europe’s pioneering Greek professor of ophthalmology Dr. Spyros Georgaras entrusted us to rebrand his research and surgical institute, ‘Ophthalmos.’ We were also tasked with helping to reorganize his in-house marketing and communications team.

Consulting a technologically state-of-the-art medical institution like Ophthalmos is something we take very seriously: its founder established the Eye Surgery Clinic at ‘Hygeia’ Hospital and has been breaking medical ground for 3 decades, as well as trained scores doctors, including his team.  Dr. Spyros Georgaras has amongst other awards received the Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery award from the inventor of this technique, Academic Professor S. Fyodorov., has registered surgery patents, and is literally synonymous to the development of myopia surgery in Europe

This year Ophthalmos’ legacy will be taken fully into the digital domain through our boutique storytelling services: conference materials, images from the past, surgery information, awards and media coverage will be blended together to produce new narrative materials. They will also be re-developed in flawless English. The end result will be a full 360 international social branding strategy for Ophtalmos’ new venture into medical tourism.

Ophthalmos’ customers are mostly Greeks over 40, and have long been on the “digital have not” side of Greece’s digital divide, using the web 70% less than younger Greeks. Ophthalmos has built an excellent reputation, with all patients returning to the Ophthalmos team. We will build on that and create brand new stuff! Among other things, we will create an FB page, a LinkedIn page and consult on updates. We have designed a completely new experience anchored around an international website. We will advise the reorganised and expanded marketing department on every aspect of their operations, including cost-cutting for digital services, patient experience, data policy and so on.

This is a particularly creative and joyful project, as Dr. Georgaras has a keen eye for art and creativity. The institute in Glyfada, the Athens coastal suburb, doesn’t look at all like a typical medical facility, as you can see from the picture below. It is warmly adorned with a taste in fine art that speaks volumes for the way in which the team actually see the profession of ophthalmology. As the founder once said in an interview,

"A surgeon has to be fluent in medical procedure only to forget the rules and perform his art."