BUBA has been re-branded, with a name change and all in the last year, its now a ethnic Tai food bar. The re-branding withstanding, we are presenting the original concept here, as it was a real challenging brief, curating for an eclectic team at the top of greece entertainment industry bubas-sign-final with a long tradition in producing solid entertainnment. We designed their logo, their menus and business cards, set them up on goople maps and did a lot of story telling.

We told the Buba story, in english as follows:

When it comes to bar-restaurants, Buba is Athens’ latest game changer. Curated (literally) by the infamous bargurubar team, it blends a modern, postcolonial atmosphere with eclectic nibbles, 30’s cosmopolitan deco with a non-protocol style cuisine to create a shimmering, warm, familiar and simultaneously novel night-out experience. It is country club gone pop; golden deco fuels its chic, relaxed feeling. Ingredients sourced around the Mediterranean and mixed in an imaginative, sophisticated style, guarantee that even the most devoted foodie will be nonplussed by a couple of items on the menu. Housed in a neoclassical Athenian family country home, and powered by service with experience and wit, B fleshes out a belle-epoque vibe in a soulful, modern way.