Sustainable Communications

With our first real 360 project, we put our money where our mouth is, in a fully-fledged digital-back-to-physical communications operation. We branded, created a name, a logo, a visual identity, a media strategy, a social identity, and a website. Our photographers produced immersive imagery to make sure people “feel” the aura we are talking about. Our top-tier services were applied whilst addressing a key challenge: sustainable communications. No pollution, no extras, no expensive printouts, everything was developed organicaly and does not add to communications overkill

All content and messaging produced was done literally on the spot, in real time, mostly using digital technology and some old-fashioned illustration art. The site produced immerses the user into a virtual space functioning as a teaser for the real thing

take a look at the website!

‘Perivoli sti Vari’ is an innovative space–an urban farm near the Athenian coast. It is a permaculture model space, a natural technology incubator, as well as a place to meet with your children and friends to exchange ideas, taste organic food, and learn from nature. It took a good five years to develop, while keeping true to permaculture principles, from shapeless landplot to eco-innovative theme park oasis. It was envisioned by a young mother-enterpreneur, whose own life choices inexorably carved a path towards an eco-business. ‘Perivoli sti Vari’ was launched officially in March 2015 and currently hosts Ministry of Education-approved environmental education programs for kids and workshop-led weekend outings from families. From the name to the website, we developed its communications organically. Photos, visuals, copy, logo, messaging–the lot. Its state-of-the-art website was meticoulously curated by our staff and is fueled with imagery from the actual space, documented by our in-house production team. We met the challenge of producing sustainable communications: an identity that does not pollute, literally speaking (low-carbon footprint comms) and metaphorically, too (zero ‘digital noise’).


Sustainability & Communications

There is nothing worse than a small company polluting our physical and virtual world with pamplets, packaging and other material. Unfortunately there is a communications material overkill.

Graphic Design for a Sustainable World

We produced an identity which enables the brand to literally re-use old paper and stamp business cards, create signposting out of old road signs, water glasses out of old bottles. Anything stamped, printed or handcoloured is done either on 100% certified recylced and ecologically sound paper or on found cardboard.

A logo on various stamps

Instead of printing business cards for Perivoli we had a bold idea. We produced stamps with the logo and advised the client to regularly look for scrap paper in the from of boxes or any other carton. This is what the cards are made of.


Organic Growth

The brand’s identity and its story grow together, beginning with its inception and continuing over 48 months of physical growth and transformation.


Σχεδιασμένο με συγκεκριμένο προϋπολογισμό

Οι νέες τεχνολογίες απαιτούν 24ωρη σχέση με τους πελάτες. Μιλάμε για πολλή επικοινωνία. Εδώ αποφασίσαμε στρατηγικά ότι το κόστος αυτό είναι πολύ βασικός παράγοντας του πόση επικοινωνία και για ποιό λόγο θα παράγεται.


Γλυκειά Εισαγωγή

Η ταυτότητα του Περιβολιού είναι μια γλυκειά εισαγωγή στον κόσμο της αειφόρου ανάπτυξης. Μακριά από αιχμηρές θέσεις ή κηρύγματα, γνωρίζει στον κόσμο ενα μπραντ με μέλλον,