Trust Us to Spread the Word


Nonprofits deserve world-class communications. We are here to provide these, making sure your message is heard loud and clear. We are rights and policy wonks, and love communicating and introducing people to ideas that promote gender, social and racial equality. Because of our experience in the public and nonprofit sectors, we are uniquely positioned to service the public service sector without catering to statism and to reach out to European audiences that are ready to listen.


A distinct group of citizens, practitioners, thinkers and ordinary fans make up Greece’s progressive class. We are proud to be part of this class, always thinking ahead, committed to causes and initiatives that move us towards a more progressive present.


Our team’s backround in academia and NGOs means that we understand values and how they work and most importantly how they can be responsibly disseminated across your messaging. With us, you don’t need to explain why a cause is sacred.


We take nonprofits and their often limited recources very seriously. We are not cynical–we believe communications do make a difference


We love users, bloggers, brand hacks and civil society afficionados. At the heart of what we do lies a genuine smile for the people that will consume it, even if they don’t agree with its message.

We get “Greece”

In the past 5 years, Greece has experienced an unusual degree of crisis. Humanitarian, political, economic, educational--you name it, we've been through it. This experience means that we can effectively service the communications needs of nonprofit companies addressing the crisis. We are committed to creating and supporting public awareness campaigns and understand the complexity of public advocacy.

The right message

Messaging for a cause is a challenging task, for it requires a seasoned point of view when it comes to communications. We have the experience to fuel your cause with state-of-the-art messaging

Seasoned Visuals

The visuals we produce speak worlds. We produce delicious content which builds on emotion to communicate way more abstract ideas and values.

Social Data Monitoring

Once we have put a message through the social web for you, we see how it goes. We carefully look at whether it engages the public, if its being talked about and shared, or not, and why. And we explain this to you, in detail, while we modify your campaign on the fly to maximize the reach of your message.

We Spread The Word

The social web can to wonders for nonprofits. The organic reach of your messaging adds value to it. We spend some money sending it around and mix traditional spending techniques with new media techniques to do

Training Your People

The web is like constant multiple conversations. Literally. You have to deal 24/7 with people interacting with your causes. We offer 20 years of experience in handling such interactions, and even better offer a training program for your poeple to finetune their skills and do it inhouse


The social web is a nonprofit heaven. The right strategy can save you resources and can literally make a campaign. Together we will formulate a strategy using cost-benefit analysis techniques.