6 year ago we produced this for Pegasus Interactive

In 2008, Pegasus Interactive, an established Greek new media player, asked us to come up with an idea for a web series, a novelty for Greece.  Although we were not formally a company back then, our founders and most of the people that now are Minimedia produced the webseries, which was originaly conceptualised as branded content.

The series was made up of 27 10-minute episodes that aired on YouTube in 2008. It featured a young female university student who is being followed by a dark character, a stalker, whose identity is unknown to viewers until the end. Her relationship with her boyfriend, who is studying in the UK, as well as her everday life, formed the backbone of the plot. The characters and storytelling were complemented by the protagonist’s blog, curated by the team, as well as social media fictional characters whose pages posts were curated during production.

From writing the script to casting, developing the script and curating interactivity, the Minimedia team produced Greece’s first-ever series broadcast on the web. The project unfortunately was not launched fully, as budget cuts due to Greece’s financial crisis hit just when the first episode was aired. We also recruited two of Korinna Patelis’ ex-students, not part of the Minimedia team, for the project.

Pegasus Ιnteractive provided part of the resources for the production, including some coding and graphic design.



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