Content is serious business

As simple as that. You need it to grow and communicate with people. Like any other business, content can create waste during production, and waste is noise: it is unattractive, confusing and alienating. Content can go wrong if you choose the wrong production line or if you invest in the wrong campaign. This is why content strategy is our flagship service. We do it short and sweet as a one-off fee and we also do it long-term. Even better, we offer a production service to produce the content prescribed for your needs.

No Noise, Just Content

Think of how you feel when fliers end up at your doorsteps or when a product catalog is the only content a company uses. Noise is what fans hate. In fact all studies show that when a campaign goes wrong its almost always about noise. Stylized noise, meaningless noise, loud noise, user-generated noise, you name it! Shouting about products, invading their timelines with salesmen, talking about stuff they can't make sense of, packaging beautifully without saying much. Campaigns lose fans everyday. Maybe because fans saw something different in one of your stores, or because they remember last year you said something else; maybe, because they feel you don't listen. Different stuff in the flesh and different stuff on your social page can add to the problem. Knowing why, what and how much you are producing is key.