Blockchain the future, not your cynicism

Verdict is in on this phenomenal new technology called blockchain: It's gonna be used by the banks! To cement their already morally bankrupt love for accumulating profit. They are doing it already. Against you, me us, our futures. Banks and their VC's are investing in blockchain startups to curate a future with no financial middlemen, where yet more profit from the lowering of the cost of mediators will be harvested.

It's like 1996 all over again. People invent technologies, neoliberalism invents ways to involve these at the heart of a logic that is killing jobs, art, literature, nature -you name it. Only this time the usual suspects have more machinery at their disposal to procure and disaminate. From automated marketing to selling bots.

Moreover, this time round the debate is also fueled by radicals gone cynics. Former academics turned industry hacks, who smugly pronounce the technology dead way before it was given a chance. They narrate a story of failure foretold only to protect themselves from the pain of being wrong to dream, from the patronizing looks on the faces of those who have carved monetizable institutional libertarian lives for themselves. Interestingly enough they also coin new ways to talk about ROIs or end-consumer stuff.

The slogan for the failure prophesied could be 'Academics and radicals know nothing about the market. Even if they build something right, they couldn't sell it to save their lives,' not to mention they ain't getting a minute at the angel-funding tables'.

Don't believe the hype. Or at least don't let it stifle your imagination as to what future technologies can enable for us. Just don't. Don't listen to the cynical voices of caution, or the messianic voices of automatic civic emancipation. Stay there. Alert, and willing to believe that the risks for a better future will be taken. And they will be taken by all of us. Just like they were before, in those battles we lost!