We Are Bilingual. We Are Web-Savvy. We are Progressive. We Are Minimedia.

We are a boutique new media agency based in Athens, Greece. Our mission is to service accounts with solid communications and provide a global presence on the Internet to NGOs working in Greece and Greek companies with a view towards exports. Content is our business. Science is what fuels it. We don’t believe in cheap; we don’t believe in quick fixes: we believe in love for communications, in strong messaging, in caring for clients, for good customer experiences and more. We are here to create meaningful relationships with global users for top-tier products, brands, NGO’s and even causes.

  • is a 20-year Internet veteran with a PhD in Internet Communications from Goldsmiths, back when the web was still in its infancy. Being at the right place at the right time time has given her the unique opportunity to work across Internet businesses and cultures as a consultant and manager. From advising corporate customers and government agencies during the dot-com years or producing gritty content for major web projects and digital advertising, to Internet policy-writing at the EU level, Korinna brings strategic depth to the social table. She has worked for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games website, produced Greece's first webseries, dikiasou.com for Pegasus Interactive and consulted across the advertising/communications industry. Korinna loves code, users and the social experience. She has also been training Internet professionals to fuel Greece's creative industries for over a decade, has taught and published widely in Internet Studies in Greece and abroad.

  • Nikolas Koskoros

    Nikolas Koskoros

    General Manager

    is our language guy, straight from California via Athens College ('84). From code to English, from French copy to semantic web app specs, he curates magic. A dyed-in-the-wool generalist, after stints as molecular biologist, navy frogman and Angeleno, he settled in Berkeley, where he earned a BA in Classics. A very early Internet adopter (mid-80s), his footprints are all over user interface localizations and technical documents. From Panda Antivirus to Unisys, and from the Hellenic Ornithological Society to Lockheed Martin, Nikolas has been trusted by clients big & small to internationalize or localize technical, scientific and creative stuff. He is curious about everything under the sun, and generates text, images & video in a relentless pursuit of perfection. As someone who grew up in the Apollo era, he can't wait for the day when everyone can be a space tourist.

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