Content is our main service: it’s the business we love and excel at. Not raw, unedited, random content–the other kind. The kind of content that adds value to your efforts. We produce it in any form you need, from web series to online videos, blogs, post updates and public awareness campaigns. Our dedicated team fuels your needs with the right content at the right time. We then integrate and monitor this content, managing your social accounts, producing content for your website, and making conversation across platforms. We post for you, generate leads, write newsfeeds, run offers, develop apps and more. And we do this in flawless English.


Your return on investment is important to us, particularly as Greece is faced with unprecedented financial hardships. So we produce everything in your fans’ language. No translations, no outsourcing to techies you can’t talk to, no long process. Just pure, integrated, native comms.

Strategically Produced

We produce your content with a plan that integrates all of your content. Anything you pay for, you know exactly why you needed to have it. That is why your content is our business.

High-Quality Only

We don’t do cheap. We don’t do quick fixes either. Our standards are high and our values strong because we believe your fans deserve it. We do authentic content based on solid production values.

Socially Designed

Everything we produce is social and authentic. We make sure it’s fresh, small and catchy enough so that fans will want to share it.

Get The Message Across

Metrics aren’t worth much unless your fans get the message. Many Greek brands are still wary of accepting this truth.

Give Meaning

We give meaning to your investment. We don’t do sweepstakes and we don’t rely on price reductions. We want your social presence to make sense, not noise.

Your products travel worldwide. We can make your brand's message travel with them.


The Power To Reach Everyone You Need

For the first time in history, you can reach out directly to more than a billion people worldwide. Our unique Go Global service is designed to do just that: to strategically assist you in targeting international fans, acquiring and holding their interest. Our international outlook embroiders your outlook with progressive, state-of-the-art communications. Our multilingual team custom-designs your local campaign for a global audience. We produce content assets for the international web ecology: text, video and apps, all made for users outside Greece.

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Φυσικά, μιλάμε Ελληνικά. Μιλάμε και τις δύο γλώσσες. Αγαπάμε και τις δύο γλώσσες, αλλά δεν μεταφράζουμε.

The Power To Love Your People

Fans are eager to talk. They want your attention, they want your content, they want their queries answered, they want to share. This is a challenge for most companies.

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Are you sure you can afford to wait? INVEST IN A CONTENT STRATEGY

20 Years Of Web Savvy

We’ve been on the web since the early ’90s. We’ve seen it change over and again. One thing we know for sure, it’s alive and changing.

We Listen To You

You are our priority. Listening to your needs is our most important skill.

We Help Manage Change

Being social is a challenge for most companies. We are here to guide you through the process.

We Train Your People

Do you want to keep your own team and do everything in-house? Then train whom you think is best. Minimedia can do this for you, at any location.